Azumino Finish*

The pursuit of perfection in craftsmanship and total quality, from start to finish.
Based in the city of Azumino in Nagano Prefecture, Japan, VAIO Corporation is a Japanese laptop manufacturer who constantly strives for excellence in its products. The city has seen VAIO's rich history and production, with advanced technology to be proud of and talented people. All VAIO personal computers* are manufactured or finalized in Azumino, and each VAIO personal computer* has passed 50 quality control tests before it can be delivered to the hands of customers.
No scratches, no dents, no smudges, no stains. VAIO has no room for imperfections.
Each VAIO personal computer* is inspected by the naked eyes of our professional technicians from different angles and under various illuminations. Not a single imperfection is to be tolerated.
To pursue top quality product, smallest part as the bezel needs to meet the standard.
The bezel around the screen is a weak spot of a laptop, so we carefully examine the bezel to ensure that every laptop meets the standard.
Quality reflects in smooth touchpad navigation
The fluency of the touchpad greatly affects the usability of the laptop, so we make sure every corner of the touchpad functions normally.
Each keycap is checked for functionality
The keyboard is a frequently used competent of a laptop. Each keycap is tested for its functionality to ensure a problem-free user experience.
Examined by fingers
Every significant component of the laptop is carefully checked by the fingers of our professionals. This is an essential step rather than a waste of time as it allows accurate the quality tests that make use of our technicians’ experience and intuition.
Automation with a human touch
To achieve a flawless production flow, certain procedures need to be planned and designed manually by our professionals. Based on the feedback from our technicians, VAIO creates various unique tools for production and inspection.
Focus on creating top quality products
With the belief of "focus and be undisturbed”, everyone involved in "Azumino Finish" is committed to creating products of excellence.
We are a manufacturer, and a customer at the same time
Every VAIO laptop* has to undergo 50 quality inspections by multiple technicians. We don't just think of ourselves as a manufacturer, but more of a customer. Every customer who uses a VAIO laptop is our cause. And this is what "Azumino Finish" is about.
The 3-GEN principle: Only the final product counts
VAIO employs the 3-GEN principle – GENba (actual location), GENbutsu (actual thing), GENjiysu (actual condition) – as our basic manufacturing philosophy of "essence + α". Every product is checked but only the actual condition of the actual final product matters.
Make everyone fall in love with VAIO
Stringent quality inspections are carried out to ensure the durability of every VAIO laptop*. To make everyone fall in love with VAIO is our goal.

* Azumino Finish is applicable to VAIO S11, VAIO S13, VAIO A12 and VAIO SX12 / SX14 only