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The Right Connections

Lightweight laptop made for mobility

The cover of VAIO SX12 is built with layers of unidirectional carbon fibers that increase the chassis's robustness for enhanced protection while keeping the laptop thin and light at a mere 899g.

Thanks to the new lightweight and tough unidirectional carbon fibres that run in a parallel direction, the sturdy chassis is extra resistant to impact.

*Weight may vary according to configurations.

Petite size with a wider view

About the size of A4 paper, the 12.5" SX12 brings a wider viewing experience by adopting a thin bezel design that offers a screen area about 16% larger than the previous 11.6" S11 model.

Fast charging for whole day of use

SX12 provides battery life of up to 10.5 hours, keeping you productive all day long. Its fast charging feature allows you to recharge the laptop to around 80% in merely an hour.

Battery life of up to 10.5 hours

Recharge the laptop to around 80% in merely an hour

*Data on battery life is obtained from internal test tools deployed by VAIO engineers. The actual battery performances may vary due to different operating environment and conditions.

Supports power bank charging

The USB Type-CTM port of SX12 supports charging from your handy dandy power bank or any regular 5V cell phone charger. Working on the go has never been easier.

A power bank that supports USB Power Delivery (20000mAh/24W) can fully charge SX12 in around 3.5 hours*1, and performs around two full charges.

Operation time can be extended up to 3.5 hours*2 when connected to a regular charger (10000mAh/5V/1.5A).

A regular cell phone power bank (5V/1.5A) can fully charge the laptop in around 7.5 hours*3.

*1 Internal battery charges from 0% to 100% with the device turned off. Actual charging time may vary depending on operating conditions.
*2 Testing was conducted while battery drops from 100% to 5%. Test settings: loading a new website every 60 seconds, inputting characters through keyboard every 10 seconds, display brightness set at 150 nits. Actual battery life may vary depending on operating conditions.
*3 Windows' Battery Health Report may show that the device is not charging. In which case, check the indicator light on the device. The indicator light will be on if the device is charging. The light will automatically be turned off when the internal battery reaches 95%.

Full capability offered by minimum size

Unparalleled performance from compact design

The compact SX12 features a full-size keyboard with 19mm key travel. Comfortable and error-free typing is guaranteed regardless in the office or on the road.

Full-size silent keyboard

SX12's keyboard is specially designed to keep noise to a minimum and provide a distraction-free typing experience.

While being compact, SX12 comes with a brilliantly engineered full-size keyboard made for added precision and comfort. Each keycap's supporting mechanism is improved to avoid the annoying 2KHz typing noise that conventional keyboard generates. Greater typing precision is achieved by the refined travel distance between keycaps. Besides, each keycap is covered by a specialized abrasion resistant coating to prevent smudges and streaks, keeping the keys clean and clear even after prolonged usage.

Exceptional Performance That Never Disappoints

More power-efficient with the 8th generation Intel®Core™ processor

Featuring the 8th generation Intel®Core™ processor, VAIO SX12 delivers higher performance and power efficiency in a lightweight aluminum-stainless steel alloy chassis that effectively disperses heat generated by the CPU. VAIO’s unique efficient cooling system eliminates the need for a fan. Because the PC never overheats and no fan is needed, it eliminates unnecessary noise as well as redundant parts all together for a more reliable device.

What is VAIO TruePerformance?

Intel CPUs, such as the Core i7 adopted by VAIO, have "Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0" installed, which enhances performance at peak usage. However, the period during which maximum performance can be maintained is limited by power consumption and temperature, and the performance will degrade. "VAIO TruePerformance" is technology designed to maintain higher performance for a longer period of time by increasing CPU power limits and more efficiently eliminating heat.

*Conceptual diagram. Actual performance may vary under certain operating conditions.

Productivity enhanced by speedy data retrieval

SX12 houses the 3rd generation PCIe SSD (with an M.2 interface), working six times faster sequential read speeds than conventional SATA SSD. The high-performance SSD offers a faster and crispier experience with quick application loading and high-speed data processing for quicker work.

SSD performance comparison
CrystalDiskMark5.2.1 Read / Write speed comparison

SSD performance comparison
The time to copy 1000 files from folder to folder (In seconds)


The Right Connections

With a USB Type-CTM port, 3 USB ports, a HDMI port, a VGA connector and LAN connection, there will never be a need to carry external adapters again.

*USB Type-C and VGA output cannot be used simultaneously for display output.

Uncompromised comfort and functionality

Natural slanting angle for extra comfort

Thanks to the delicate slanting angle design, the keyboard is automatically tilted when the screen is opened, reducing stress on your palms and wrists while giving you a comfortable typing position.

High-precision silent trackpad

Positioned right below the space bar, the trackpad features the left and right physical buttons so you don’t have to worry about pressing the wrong buttons by mistake. Similar to the keyboard, the improved supporting mechanism underneath the buttons ensures your every click noise-free.

Fast and stable Wi-Fi connection

SX12 has its Wi-Fi antenna purposefully installed at the top of the screen, minimizing interference for the best Wi-Fi signal reception possible. With improved reception, you don't have to worry about workflow being interrupted as SX12 ensures a fast and stable network connection.

Without MU-MIMO networking

If multiple devices are connected to the same network without MU-MIMO, each device has to wait for its turn for the Wi-Fi signal, dragging down the internet speed.

With MU-MIMO networking

MU-MIMO allows multiple devices to access the same Wi-Fi network at the same time without significant drop in internet speed.

Double data security

Instant and hassle-free login is made possible with the built-in fingerprint sensor. A touch with your finger is all it takes to log in and wake up the device from sleep mode. Advanced biometric security also means your data is more secure than ever.

*The feature of waking up through fingerprint sensor needs to be activated in VAIO Control Center.


The “Azumino Finish”

The pursuit of perfection in craftsmanship and total quality, from start to finish.

Located in Azumino, Nagano Prefecture, Japan, the VAIO Corporation prides itself as a notebook computer manufacturer with a relentless pursuit of quality. At its core, the VAIO brand stands for a wealth of experience in top-notch manufacturing, state-of-the-art technologies and dedicated talents with a passion for craftsmanship. All VAIO notebook computers are either fully manufactured or assembled in Azumino, and can only be taken to the market after passing over 50 stringent quality control tests.

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